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Dark Masquerade

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A place for Balls and Masquerades!


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Art Group “TwiGHliGHt’s Lodge” (St.Petersburg, Russia)

The idea of the Magic Masquerade - based on Slavic myths, the most famous fairy-tales well known over the world, and traditions of Venetian masquerades and Viennese balls - was born a long time ago (we did it 10 years ago for a small audience), and now we are ready to offer you a real ball in the Magic City – only for one Mysterious White Night in one of the most beautiful palaces of St. Petersburg suburbia!

Date: July 3-4, 2010
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia, the Kotchnev Cottage


He is the Lord of dreams, illusions, and enchantment; She is the Guide between the real and enchanted world, empress of fertility, magic gardens, seas, and rivers.

He rules the Dusk, She reins the Dawn. As soon as the darkness starts melting away He’ll turn into a large white bird and leave to the deep mesmerized woods, and She will dissolve in the twilight mist the moment when the Sun vanishes behind the horizon… Constantly following each other they give birth to the magic course of life though they won’t ever meet each other except for one day in a year. For only one charmed night in the beginning of the 5th week of summer when the world of magical spirits and creatures meets the world of people, when the night joins the day in a mystical alliance, the Magic White Night is born, and the Enchanted Twilight reins the ball between the Reality and the Unreal!

Guests from all over the real and the other world are invited to celebrate the Enchanted White Night.

However, people and spirits mustn’t recognize each other, so everyone has to wear a mask!

This is why the Magic Masquerade is held in Mertsana’s Charmed Garden and Morokr’s Magic Castle on this night – the night when anything can happen! It is the only night when people and magic spirits from all over the place, would that be the earth or the sky, are rushing to join the celebration: fairies and satyrs, magicians and sorcerers, trolls and goblins as well as princes and princesses and knights and maidens from every kingdom.
Anything is possible at the dreamlike Masquerade, which fills the twilight with magic, music, dancing, joy, and temptation in the Morokr’s Castle of Illusions and Mertsana’s Charmed Garden!

You also should hurry to the Magic White Night Masquerade!
Who knows, maybe there you will meet the Magician or Fairy of your dreams ;)

Welcome to the Enchanted White Night Dream!
… …and don’t forget your mask!

Having studied various information on the net we found out that there is and there were NO Masquerades like this in Russia.
Информация на русском языке: vkontakte.ru/id59533545

We hope that the guests of The First European Magic Masquerade: TWILIGHT ALL NIGHT will be not only the residents of St. Petersburg and Moscow, but also Guests from all regions of our and neighboring countries (European part of CIS and Europe).

Please note: adherence to Dress Code rules is obligatory! Without dress code no one is allowed to visit the Magic Masquerade ;)

We will be grateful to all who are willing to distribute the information to other regions of Russia and Europe.

price: VIP - 80-100 Euro
booking in this profile

please contact us at:


or on the phone (Russia):


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